The efficiency of the labor collective

Management of the Company

Effective employees is determined by a number of parameters that are estimated by the results of team work and satisfaction of its participants and characterize its social structure and General socio-psychological climate of the team. However, the dependence on these factors is not always unambiguous.
Thus, the dependence of the efficiency of the size of the group may be due to the process activities and the overall development of interpersonal relationships in the group. In the General case, increasing the size of the group, communication between members becomes complicated, leading to difficulties in achieving coordination on issues related to group activities. The increase in the group also increases the tendency to separation of the group, informal subgroup, which can lead to the confrontation of the intentions of such subgroups.
The presence in the workplace of people of different ages, with different work experience leads to a better orientation, mutual assistance and the exchange of Experience among its employees.
Sex composition the performance of same-sex staff are usually much lower than where approximately the same proportion between the sexes.
Qualification of employees directly affects the final results of their activities and the system of relations in the community.
The work style of the Manager, the level and nature of socio-psychological relations within the team, the level of satisfaction of social and personal needs of its employees account for the effect of formal and informal organizational ties.
The performance of a team depends on the degree of similarity of personal characteristics, points of view, approaches to solving problems. It can be called compositional characteristics of the group. Complex activities that require a variety of actions, practices diverse solutions, the most effective work groups, composed of participants belonging to different types of personalities having different thinking styles, opinions and preferences in achieving one's goals.