Factors affecting the cohesion of the team

Management of the Company

Interpersonal relations team's relationships, mediated by the goals and objectives facing the company in the sphere of economic activity, and conform to the attitudes that prevail in society at large. You can highlight several factors contributing to the cohesion of the team. Home for all the production team members is the goal. The common objectives and high attractive force creates the prerequisites for the formation of a cohesive team.
The second factor is the intense level of communication and the nature of that communication. If the group has no permanent production of contacts, mutual dependence, constant exchange of information, opinions, cannot be a cohesive team.
The third factor is the compatibility of the members of the small composition of the production teams (crews, sections) for those or other psychological characteristics. It should be emphasized the need to ensure that the primary teams will work their members on value orientation, that is, the fact that people find themselves in production activities is mainly: earnings, moral preferences, creative work, and the like.
The cohesion of the team may be due to several factors:
• Pricakovana to him for the opportunity to use it to implement certain their needs;
• Interest in goals, values, prestige of the group;
• The expectation that membership will be positive for the individual effects;
• Subjective preferences it in comparison with others which arise because of various emotional reasons.
The cohesion of the team leads to such positive consequences:
the active involvement of the person and the life of the group and of the team as a Whole;
the growth of individual adaptation; sense of personal safety; reducing the level of anxiety, etc.